Our collaborative partnerships allow Ascend International School to provide a student-centered 21st Century education that is rooted in the latest developments in the field of education. Through our partnerships we deliver a dynamic, skill-based curriculum that meets local, national and international standards and promotes deeper understanding.

Grades Pre-primary through 5th

Our collaboration with University Child Development School (UCDS) in the US enriches our programme by providing opportunities for our teachers to work globally with other educators who are immersed in an innovative inquiry-based curriculum model. Combined with our IB PYP framework, the UCDS partnership allows our teachers to design and deliver a program that is unique to India.

Grades 6th through 10th

The Project Based Learning (PBL) model provides a framework for students to gain skills and understanding by investigating complex questions, problems or challenges. This educational method puts students at the center and requires them to actively, interactively and collaboratively approach challenges. Our teachers have worked with educators from High Tech High in the US and other PBL institutes to become immersed in this highly engaging and rigorous educational model.