A willingness to learn from others is at the heart of all Ascend faculty. We are a highly collaborative community made up of individuals who respect each other and exhibit a willingness to explore the process of building, implementing, evaluating, and revising programs. Coaching and mentoring are attributes of Ascend teachers and both are infused inside and outside the classroom. Ascend teachers are encouraged to foster a reflective environment and share teaching methods, materials, and assessment techniques with a whole-child perspective.

Our teachers are

Responsive Instructors

Passionate educators

Master Collaborators

Curriculum Designers

Avid Researchers

Positions begin in July of academic year. Travel and relocation stipends are provided, on-site apartments maybe available, and salary and benefit packages are commensurate with international school compensation.

Should you be interested in Ascend's:       

PYP - Send a cover letter and resume to

MYP or DP - Send a cover letter and resume to